Perfect vs PUR Binding Video

To help you make an informed decision we thought we would make a PUR binding video. Though it has many similarities to Perfect Binding there are key differences that can make all the difference to your printed job.

Watch our Perfect binding vs PUR binding video.

Here at Warners Midlands we offer a PUR binding service for your printed magazine, catalogue or brochure. It is similar to perfect binding but the hold is much stronger making it perfectly suited to large pagination jobs as well as bulkier papers. Instead of being a hot melt glue the PUR glue is air cured which means that some time is required to let it set before the hold is at its strongest.

From a design point of view the PUR bound publication will have a spine which will need to be supplied at an appropriate size. If you are unsure of this please ask your printer to calculate the size of the spine for you. Care will also have to be taken to ensure that the text is not obscured by the binding. We recommend that the spine margin is double that of a saddle stitched job.

PUR Binding Main Points
  • Very strong bind
  • Allows the publication to have a spine
  • Well suited to large pagination products
  • Requires time to “cure”
  • Similar to perfect binding.
  • Perfect for large catalogues

We hope that you found this PUR binding video helpful and would appreciate your feed back. There are many other videos we have created to help explain the printing process to help you decide the best method to produce your magazine, catalogue or brochure.

If you are still unsure or would like to know more please don’t hesitate to contact our Helpdesk

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