Quick guide to mailing your brochure or magazine

mailboxAside from having copies physically delivered by road, there is the option of mailing individual copies straight to doorsteps using the services of Royal Mail or TNT (and others)

The product is sealed in protective film (although there are more costly options in envelopes etc.) which then has the address printed directly on to it. Alternatively it can go out into the mail with the address applied directly to the cover, and thus not requiring it to be in film.

Where film is needed to envelop the magazine or brochure, two main types of film are used: Normal and Bitjet.

Standard film has a Printed Postage Impression (PPI) which is the equivalent of a stamp and far more practical and economical than affixing individual stamps! Or it is completely plain and clear and the address is placed on a carrier sheet.

Bitjet film has a white area that allows the ink jet head to apply the PPI at the same time as ink-jetting the address.. This is beneficial if the customer wishes to use their own PPI, a logo or even a different return address.

When it comes to the actual methods of posting, there are three main ways to get the product out into the post

  • Firstly business mail which used to be called Mailsort is for one off jobs like catalogues.
  • Publishing mailing is for repeat mailings throughout the year so perfect for regular magazines or more than two titles per year.
  • Finally there is Advertising Mail which is specifically created for publications with a uniform message promoting the sale or use of products or services, or to encourage contribution to or support of a cause.

Each method of posting has its own costs that are further dependent upon the page size of the publication that is being mailed, the weight of each copy and the total quantity being mailed.

Here at Warner’s we have in house mailing facilities along with a team of experts whose job it is to facilitate your mailing process, and to ensure maximum discounts. We would be very happy to offer advice on how to get your magazine or brochure to your readers in the most cost effective way.

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