Reduce print costs by converting to a self-cover

self coverHaving the luxury of a heavier weight cover on your magazine, brochure or catalogue can be costly. If your publication is perfect bound or PUR bound, you unfortunately have no choice; the process requires a separate outer cover.

If however, your publication is stitched, have you thought about going self-cover?

This effectively means the publication will be on the same weight paper throughout. The cover can still be designed as a cover of course, but won’t be heavier than the text.

Having made the decision to go along this route, speak with your print supplier to find the most cost effective pagination without a separate cover. You can save significantly by doing this.

In some cases replacing a 4 page cover with an 8 or 16 page section can be cheaper, so you actually get more pages for less!

You might even be able to have an 8 or 16 page outer sections on heavier paper instead of just 4 pages and still save money doing so.

Feel free to contact us if we can help with any questions relating to self-cover options or optimum paginations

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