Royal Mail Update May 2020

Important Royal Mail Update

We hope that everyone reading this is well? Recently we have received some welcome news from Royal Mail. They currently are planning on resuming Saturday deliveries from 13/06/20. Naturally, this may not affect everyone’s titles and work however for those customers who have found their subscriber copies being disrupted may hopefully regain some normality.

We have also been asked a great deal of questions regarding overseas copies. We sent an email out a few months ago with a live link to Royal Mails website where it details all postal services that are currently disrupted. I have placed the link here for your convenience. .

Hopefully, this will help shine some light on a very confusing topic at the moment. If you still have any questions or concerns please contact your Key Account Manager or our mailing team at to speak to Ian and Shane directly.

As always stay well and we are here when you need us.