A Sneak Peek at Warners New Year’s Surprises

Sneak peekA sneak peek you definitely won’t want to miss! Without giving too much away we will happily tell you that we have a new brochure on its way! This is no ordinary printed product but an excellent example of brilliant special finishes such as scents, colour changing and textures! Rather than just telling you about ourselves we have filled it with information and case studies to help you use print more effectively and creatively but for less money!

You really wouldn’t want to miss either of these!

See print in a whole new way with our up and coming CGI video. It has been deemed so lifelike that some of the team here at Warners still think that it is real! This will be added to our already free to use and share Print Video Library on our website and You-Tube. We can guarantee that you have never seen a video like this, especially about print!

Seriously you really wouldn’t want to miss either of these!

We will be “E-shooting” a message to all of our opted in contacts when both surprises are released in the New Year. If you would like to be opted in to receive this update contact us via our Helpdesk.