Sometimes it's cool to be square!

Sometimes it's cool to be square!


Especially in print!

A fantastic tool in the print marketing arsenal is the square format or "delta fold" brochure. We have all seen those beautiful fashion mailers that are square-shaped instead of rectangular that instantly make an impact. It is not surprising that many businesses use this size to great effect in their direct mail campaigns. This is a very popular design for fashion companies in particular.

What are the advantages of doing things square?


  • It gives you far more space than A5 without the cost of A4!
  • It is lighter to mail than A4!
  • There is more room to showcase your fantastic products without having to squeeze everything in!
  • It stands out!
  • It doesn't require any special paper reel sizes ordering, which cuts down on lead times. 

Not many printers can produce excellent quality square format jobs, especially on lighter stocks. It has to be said that we are very good at printing these sorts of products even at very light paper weights! We also excel at standard sizes such as A4 and A5. However you want to produce your print, we have got you covered!

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