The value of planning print in advance.

So what are the benefits to the customer when planning print in advance?

Planning print

There are several excellent reasons for planning print jobs ahead of schedule.

Firstly it lessens the chance of having to pay premium prices for overtime work at limited capacity times.

As most printing companies operate on a first come first serve basis it usually pays to be at the front of the queue rather than the back.

Another key benefit is that for some jobs, especially if they are bespoke sizes, require special paper sizes, and it can take up to 6-8 weeks to obtain the paper from the mill. 

These two key points of planning ahead gives you the best chance of distributing your product at the required time, and without paying penalties for overtime working or the cost of extra paper.

Communication is the key to a successful schedule, and letting your print partner know of any delays in advance will give you the best possible chance of keeping your job on time and without the need for additional cost penalties.

However it must be mentioned that busy periods such as around Christmas and Easter often have limited capacity. It is imperative that all agreed deadlines are met by both parties due to the lack of seasonal flexibility.

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