Top ten check list for submitting your pages for your catalogue, magazine or brochure

checklistBeing the custodian printer of over 500 magazine titles plus many commercial catalogues and brochures, we have thousands of pages supplied to us every week.

These vary from A3 to A6 and just about everything in between.

Most of these go through our system without any problems, or without triggering any warnings through our pre-flight software.

The following checklist, whilst not exhaustive, does cover most areas where problems might occur, and a quick glance through it before submitting pages might save some valuable time in re-uploading pages.

If you have any queries about files, or the transfer of them we’re always very happy to help.

1.       Is your page the correct size?
2.       Has bleed been applied where needed?
3.       Are the images the correct resolution (300dpi) ?
4.       Does each PDF contain only one page of the publication?
5.       Does the name of the file conform to Warners naming convention?
6.       Has the PDF been created using Pass4Press settings?
7.       No spot colours present on a CMYK page?
8.       Have the images contained within the page have been converted to CMYK and are not RGB?
9.        Is the content of the page too close to the trim except where content bleeds?
10.     Are the folios on the correct side?

If you would like to know more about uploading your files you can find a short video here