Warners Midlands Printers Employees walking 186 miles for charity.

186-mile-walkThree of Warners’ most determined employees are putting their best feet forward to raise money for the Butterfield Centre, Bourne. These trailblazers are walking “The Thames Path”, a National Trail that runs for 184 miles, from the river’s source near Kemble in the Cotswolds to the Thames Barrier, Woolwich, London, and they intend to complete this walk, through impressive countryside and modern day London, in six days, from Thursday August 13 to Tuesday August 18.

The three walkers are Andy, Martin and Mark, who, upon learning about the hard work and level of care provided by the Butterfield Centre for elderly people in Bourne and the surrounding areas, were only too keen to help. Cuts in services can lead to elderly people becoming more isolated, and day care at the Butterfield Centre offers them not only practical help but also friendship and emotional support, which is why funding for this centre is crucial for Bourne’s elderly population.

If you would like to help donate to such a good cause please find the just giving link Here