What did a publisher really think of us?

What did a publisher really think of us?

Last week we were visited by one of our long standing customers IOP Publishing. This was not just a quick stop to pop in, have a chat and pick up a few copies but a comprehensive visit lasting more than a day to see every aspect of the company and the production of their magazine. After seeing all aspects of the process the IOP have produced a very honest and interesting article that we think is a great read. We as a company pride ourselves on the service that we offer but it is very interesting and useful to be able to get real feedback and an insight as to how we perform for our customers. I would personally recommend reading this post if you ever wanted to know more about the process or what goes on behind the scenes! 

The article:

The article can be found here:

We are delighted to be the Magazine Printer for the Institute of Physics as well as hundreds of other titles each month. Our doors are always open for our customers to visit the site for themselves to be able to see what really goes on behind the scenes at Warners.

We also welcome interest groups to visit us as well and if this is of interest please email us via or visit our contact us page here: