What happens if your print supplier ceases trading?

disaster strikesIt’s a known fact that the print industry has faced tough times. These are far from over.

Even with an improving economy, old and poorly maintained machines, and lack of investment can catch a company out quickly.

Recent news of another major closure in the print industry has once again caused panic and uncertainty.

Should the worst case happen, and your print supplier ceases trading with little or no notice, have you thought about the implications to you and your business?

  • Who would you contact?
  • Would they be able to help quickly?
  • Were special materials required to produce your job that may take time to order again?

These are just some of the questions that could be raised if you were to look at a Disaster Recovery Plan.

The plan might also involve having a print supplier in reserve, one that you’ve already checked out, maybe visited, and who would be willing to step in should the worst happen with your existing supplier. They would be able to advise you on the implications in terms of materials if the work was dropped on them with little notice.

There is a previous blog on our web site entitled “Disaster Recovery: How to avoid problems if your supplier goes bust” which gives a few more helpful tips.

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