When is “Great” customer service really great?

Many companies say that they offer “Excellent” or “Great” customer service but how can we tell if it really is? In print like many other sectors Key Account Managers are of crucial importance in managing the customers needs and the professional relationship. How do you know if you are getting the best service from your Key Account Manager?

A Key Account Manager should:
  • Be easily contactable
  • Aware of the details of their customers accounts and current projects
  • Be a source of useful information and technical expertise
  • Professional and easy to communicate with
  • Organised and punctual
  • Happy to meet their customers face to face
So how does this list compare to our customer service team at Warners?

Our team:

  • Have an average of over 13 years experience in their position.
  • Manage many accounts each ranging from small to large.
  • Have access to prepress, finishing and transport experts.
  • Have access to a detailed and constantly updated customer management software system.
  • Have worked in other positions at the company giving them a greater personal understanding of the process.
  • Are regularly scheduling meetings with their customers.

Do we tick the boxes? Please let us know!