Why have a printed brochure anymore?

What can a printed brochure do for you?

Brochure readingA printed brochure is still a very powerful player in the modern marketing mix. A well-presented, designed and printed brochure is an excellent tool for a company to use to build brand awareness. For many companies a brochure can provide a wonderful platform for high definition images all in a single place without pop up ads or other distractions to the message.

These images and messages can showcase your products or services providing a stimulus to bring potential customers to your online platforms. In this way there are no other competing messages from competitors diluting your own. A designer is in complete control of all content within the publication with the added bonus of engaging your audience in a more personal and private way.

How can we see if it has worked?

To track the campaign an organisation can use anything from apps, QR codes to promotional codes. A company could also see if site traffic increased as a whole or as individual pages. The company could also monitor the number of phone calls both to see if they are increasing in number, and at the same time referring to one of your promoted products. In this way print can greatly contribute to an impressive ROI on a campaign if utilised correctly.

The main draw back for print when compared to a purely digital campaign or marketing strategy is cost. Generally many companies have chosen to focus purely on digital rather than print and it is, in many cases, mainly down to cost. However the value added by print can more than justify its place in the marketing mix for many companies if utilised correctly.

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