Why Print is alive and well

Printed media has been a well established marketing tool for as long as most people can now remember, and this seems unlikely to change.

In an increasingly digital world there is still a unique place for print within the marketing mix. It is well researched and documented that cross media campaigns rather than single channel campaigns are proving the most successful.

Print and digital used in tandem can achieve excellent results.

When print and digital mediums are used together a far greater audience can be reached and engaged with.

The tangibility and physical presence of print compliments the reach and connectivity of digital. A perfect example of this is a physical brochure or catalogue. By showcasing products, offers or other benefits to the reader they are more likely to begin their online journey by heading straight to your website first. Print is a wonderfully effective stimulus for driving potential customers to your online platforms.

Not all campaigns will use all the possible mediums but it is important to consider each potential channel to reach your audience most effectively. It has never been more important to give your potential customers the choice in how they consume their media.

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