Why the Cheapest Journeys aren’t always the best

cheap journeyIt is better to go all out than half-hearted on an important cross media campaign and many people forget the impact that print can have on its success. In the modern world social media, email and print are wonderful ways of reaching your desired audience in different ways.  For most the main factor is cost but there are a few ways to maximise prints potential in a campaign.

Rather than going for the cheapest paper why not go for one of a similar weight but of better quality. This keeps your mailing costs similar if not the same but can improve the look of your mail out or brochure. By more precise targeting of key areas for your campaign you can reach the right people with your messages and print is an excellent way to do this.
Sometimes paying that little bit more brings far greater value to your campaign such as the quality of the service offered, be it through the production options they offer, or the customer service and support available.

So don’t skimp on the essentials and make the most of your campaign! Like Buffet once said price is what you pay, value is what you get.

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