Why the Transportation of your job should never be overlooked.

transportIn recent blogs we have hopefully given you an insight into how your job progresses through the various departments within a printing company.

One very important department, but often overlooked, is our transport department.

Unless your job is completely mailed, it is likely that our transport department will be handling the logistics of the onward journey, whether this be an overnight pallet service, using one of our own fleet vehicles, or a managed delivery abroad.

When it comes to getting goods from here to the final destination, there are many factors that can come into play, many of which we have little or no control over:

  • Traffic problems
  • Job being submitted late and missing deadlines
  • Previous delivery drops taking longer than expected
  • Your position within the designated route of the driver, particularly where there are multiple deliveries on one vehicle.
  • Incorrect information about the address and accessibility
  • If transport is contracted out the loss of control
  • Problems associated with weather conditions.

All our vehicles are fitted with the latest tracking equipment, so our transport management team are able to monitor progress and if necessary feedback to customers via our key account managers if delays look inevitable. We are very proud of the positive feedback that we receive about the courteous and professional way our drivers go about ensuring your goods arrive on time and in the expected condition.

Booking transport in advance of course helps us to plan earlier.

If you would like to know more please don’t hesitate to contact your key account manager.