Why we are proud of our customer service.

Why we are proud of our customer service

Warners Customer ServiceIt is an incredibly common and sweeping statement made by companies to say that they provide “great customer service”. In many cases this is something that is subjective and intangible and therefore provides a real challenge to a potential customer in actually knowing the truth. At Warners we honestly believe it is the quality of our customer service that ensures the longevity of customer relationships and helps win us work.

What we mean by customer service
  1. Key Account Managers
    • Each customer will have a Key Account manager who is responsible for looking after their printed job with us. This individual will be the first point of contact for customer to use and will be supported by a customer service assistant.
  2. Buddy System
    • When the Key Account Managers are out of the office or on holiday their customers know that a “buddy” is always available. This Buddy is another Key Account Manager who is known to the customer already and will know all the key information regarding the customers account and work.
  3. A Large Team
    • We have a very large team stretching across several departments on one floor to ensure that there is always someone available to help with any stage of the process from pre-press to mailing.
  4. Knowledge
    • With such a large team comes a great deal of technical knowledge to assist our customers. Many of the individuals within these positions have more than 10 years experience in their current role.
  5. Visits
    • We will always make the effort to visit a customer no matter how big or small. We also welcome all to visit us to see the facility and meet the team for themselves.
  6. Press Passes
    • We offer free press passes for printing like many other printers however we also have our own hospitality suite on site with its own en-suite, bedroom and living room to better look after late night press passes.
  7. Weekly Blogs
    • Every week we will be posting useful information or updates on our website like this page here.
  8. Videos
    • There is a wealth of free to use information on our You-Tube Channel with topics ranging from technical processes explained to cost saving tips.

These are just some of the reasons why we pride ourselves on our customer service.

If you would like to come and see for yourself please do not hesitate to:
  • Email us at our Helpdesk HERE
  • Call us at 01778391000
  • Or request a brochure HERE