Why We Love Print Part 1: Innovation

Over the next few weeks our posts will be looking into some of the many reasons why we love print as a medium.

Print is innovative

There is a large amount of investment into technology in the print industry. This money is not only going to produce new machines that are more efficient but also into  creating special effects and finishes. These special finishes can range from smells, to holograms, to textures creating a truly multi-sensory experience.

Print is also perfectly suited to complement digital and online activities. From the humble QR code to embedded augmented reality print can give its reader something new to think about. In this way a designer can really have their work leap out of the page. These innovative effects can be highly beneficial as a means of driving traffic to websites or online activities.

If you would like to see and experience some special finishes for yourself simply request a free copy of our company brochure. Or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via our Helpdesk.¬†