Why window dressing can be important for magazines and brochures

window-dressingWhether it’s a consumer magazine, a business to business title or a brochure or catalogue, the first page that comes to the attention is generally the front cover.

It’s the shop window to sell the product, or the products contained therein.

Clever design, great images and tested layout formulas are all worth considering to give your job the “wow” factor.

However, these days there are many other ways to enhance a cover, and make it more enticing to a potential reader.

Some options can be costly especially if you are printing many thousands of copies, but some are relatively cheap, and can make a huge difference to the feel and appearance of your magazine or brochure.

Here are a few suggestions:

·        Fluorescent or metallic inks
·        Varnishing or laminating
·        Soft touch laminate
·        Embossing (there is a huge range of different embossed finishing available)
·        Fragranced covers
·        Augmented reality
·        Cut-outs