Don’t think Black Friday think Wonderful Wednesday!

Time for a wonderful Wednesday?

Wonderful Wednesday

It  may be Black Friday this week but here at Warners we’re having a Wonderful Wednesday announcement instead. Regular readers of our blog will have been made aware about the limited capacity there has been in the print industry in the last few months. This week we have some potentially good news. There is still limited press space available at certain points in December. If you have any last minute jobs or enquiries for December make sure you contact your Key Account Manager or our sales department ASAP.

As always, we would like to make existing customers aware of the importance of file submission dates. We do not have the capacity to move everyone’s jobs backwards from the intended date. Unfortunately, a delay in file submission at this time of year often results in presses standing idle where other work could have been brought in or other jobs moved into the gap. If you are concerned that you cannot meet the original agreed date for file submission, please ensure that you notify your Key Account Manager as soon as possible! It is crucial that we are given as much time as possible to see if the schedule can be changed without jeopardising your own or other customers delivery dates. Failure to do so could result in your printed product not being delivered until the new year.

If you are unable to place your job with Warners and would like to work with us we would be more than happy to assist you for any projects you may have for after January 1st.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Helpdesk if you have any questions.