Lots of great news today! 

The first of our printing units has arrived this morning with more new kit on its way! This unit weighs more than 20T and has come all the way from Germany. There will be three more printing units delivered this week as well as our dryer before we install the folder. Last week our reel stand arrived (see last weeks news update here) and we are expecting our processor and pre-press equipment to arrive next week. Christmas really has come early for us! 

With each passing day our new building is looking more and more like a proper factory! Naturally we wanted to share some of the pictures of our new Lithoman 32 page press with our readers as a bit of a Wednesday treat!

The first unit arrived on a very cold but bright winter morning!

Warners magazine, catalogue and brochure Printing

In no time at all it is ready to be moved into its final position to fit on these pins.

Amazing Result!

There is even more good news! After a thorough review of our company survey which was completed in October we have a brilliant result that we really wanted to share. For our overall service our customers rate us 9/10! (9.16/10 to be precise). More than 49% of respondents have given us a rating of 10/10 so naturally we are over the moon! This rating is a combination of our entire service offering from print quality to customer service.

As a company we pride ourselves on customer service and we are an extremely forward thinking company in our sector. The continuous investment and great deal of skill we as a company possess make us the chosen print provider for more than 600 jobs per month. To see how we could help your magazine, catalogue or brochure printing requirements please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via our Sales Team or by Requesting A Quote.