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Are Your PDF files ready to print?

PDF Specifications

Files should be created to Pass4Press v11

(PDF/X-1a:2001 standard, PDF v1.3, Acrobat 4 compatible, composite PDF)

PDF export pre-sets & .icc profiles can also be supplied upon request.

In general

Watch a video here.

  • Files should contain 3mm bleed all round, with the appropriate bleed and crop marks. (offset 10pt)
  • Colour space CMYK
  • All non-printing spot colours should be converted to CMYK prior to exporting the PDF
  • 300 dpi CMYK / greyscale images
  • All fonts embedded or outlined
  • No live matter any closer than 6mm to the trim edges
  • File naming conventions are detailed within our InSite user-guide.


 For perfect bound work :-


If any read across matter occurs between IFC and first text, or last text and IBC, allow for 6mm glued hinge and calculate read-across offsets accordingly.