With all the news about the Coronavirus, we are acutely aware that you may be wondering what impact this may have on print and what we at Warners are doing to best prepare ourselves.

As a company, we are working hard to minimise any potential impact the virus may have on the day to day running of the business. The health and wellbeing of our staff and visitors is our top priority. In line with government guidance, we have installed additional hand sanitizers around the building and have embarked upon a campaign of staff education and awareness. 

All of our current activities are in line with the recommendations of the NHS, WHO and the government. We have a pre-formulated disaster recovery plan in place to best deal with any potential problems caused by the Coronavirus.

Ultimately we, alongside many businesses in the UK, including yourselves, are trying to do the best that we can. We naturally cannot predict the future, and all of our activities are purely in place as a precaution. We are still very much open for business as usual, and your key account manager is on hand to help you with any print requirements. 


Important message from our directors: 


24.03.2020 Update

Further to yesterday’s email to all of our customers and after last night’s conference with the Prime Minister, I wanted to provide everyone with a production update.

We are still open for business as usual; the office staff are working remotely and we have sufficient measures in place on our shop floor to protect staff and manage capacity levels. There is at this time no change to our usual services and we are producing work and delivering it as usual. We intend to carry on in this manner unless we are told otherwise.

If there are any changes to your delivery instructions that you need to notify us of, please make sure that you contact your account manager ASAP.

I will endeavour to keep you updated as per any further developments.


01.04.2020 Update


In addition to our health and safety activities outlined in the previous updates we have, over the last few weeks, implemented further measures in line with government guidance to deal with the coronavirus.


All members of staff are working from home wherever possible and remote working has been in effect for some time. We are minimising numbers of staff on the premises and are matching staff levels with capacity.


To maximise the benefits of social distancing for those employees who cannot work remotely, we have provided clear and well-publicized guidelines throughout the factory and have moved workstations to better distance individuals. All employees are adhering to social distancing measures that we have put in place and we are constantly reminding all employees of their responsibility to carry out these measures effectively through additional communications via the website, Intranet, notices and electronic communications.


As a company, we are doing everything that we can to protect our members of staff and all those who work alongside us whilst fulfilling contractual obligations.


We will continue to update all of our customers and stakeholders on our website. If you would like to know more about the steps, we are taking please contact Michael at our helpdesk at



21.05.20 Update


Whilst remaining open for business the health & safety of all of our staff was at the heart of our activities.  We had already implemented the 5 key points published by the Government on 11/5/20 which include working from home where possible, carrying out risk assessments specifically for COVID-19, maintaining 2 metres social distancing where possible, where this was not possible we introduced measures to reduce the risk of transmission and we reinforced our cleaning processes. 


In addition to these 5 key points the results of our risk assessments were applied & communicated to everybody, and we are currently reviewing our safety measures for people working from home.  The practical steps we have taken to reinforce our h & s procedures have given our staff, customers,  suppliers & other stakeholders the confidence that not only are we open for business we are operating safely.