This service offers complete title management, from inception to the delivery of a finished magazine to your readers. Designed specifically for organisations and publishers without a full complement of internal resources or publishing expertise, it benefits small publishers, associations, institutes and membership-led organisations.
The services aimed at both consumer and B2B markets include a mix of the following: sourcing and managing the flow of editorial, selling advertising space, magazine distribution and design, printing and mailing of the magazine that builds on your strength in the marketplace.

We can provide industry-experienced journalists, a sales team and production personnel or just those required to complete your existing team.

Our print company, Warners Midlands plc, shares the same site and once the pages have been approved by you the PDFs will be sent to them. As part of our service we will negotiate the best terms, schedule and print mix for your title providing the best print package for your magazine.

Contract Publishing is a service where you, the customer, maintain ownership and ultimate control. Our experienced staff will work with you to ensure that your publishing activity dovetails in with your other marketing activity. Working closely with you will help to satisfy your readers’ requirements while also applying sound publishing values to maximise revenue and effectively manage costs.

SUMMARY:Editorial expertise
Individually tailored project management
Maximum revenue opportunities
Redesign if required
Database provision and management
Cost-effective distribution
Publishing expertise and budget control
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