Our Solar Panels

Row of photovoltaic solar panels and cloudy sky background

As part of our environmental mission we have installed our own 150.00kW Solar PV System on the roof of our Lithoman hall.  We are looking forward to using it to reduce our overheads, increase our use of renewable energy and reduce our carbon footprint. Even in a country not traditionally seen as sunny we are still able to generate renewable energy on a significant scale.

2018 Update

In 2018 our solar panels generated 117,996 kWh! In real terms this means that our solar panels generated enough electricity to power the average family home* for 35.75 years!

*based on energy consumption of 3300kwh per year


Per Year

2016 - 123,666 kWh

2017 - 119,890 kWh

2018 - 117,996 kWh

Total - 361,552 kWh