• Warner’s have made huge improvements in energy efficiency in recent years through the introduction of new technology, machinery and lighting.
  • 100% of our electricity is generated from renewable sources
  • LED Lighting has already been installed in a number of areas and this programme will continue until the whole site is covered.
  • We have a solar panel array that produces our own energy and reduces our bill by £11k per year! Our Solar Panels
  • Gas consumption is down by 500,000 kilowatt hours per year due to the installation of new energy efficient technology


  • Sustainable development means living on the earth’s income but not eroding it’s capital. Keeping the consumption of renewable natural resources within the limits of their replenishment so that we can hand down to successive generations not only man made wealth, but also natural wealth, such as clean and adequate water supplies, good arable land, a wealth of wildlife and ample forests
  • Where do Warners fit in? Our Environmental Policy
  • We can’t quite tick all of the boxes yet but we are perhaps closer than most.
  • Zero waste is just around the corner.
  • Just about every waste stream will be recycled.
  • Further energy efficiency will be achieved through technology and education.
  • Purchasing from renewable sources will become standard practice where practicable.
  • We have a cross company waste minimisation and energy conservation scheme in the offices with our sister company Warners Group Publications.

Our Paper and Materials

Our Paper

As our biggest raw material we get asked many questions about paper and its sustainability. As a company we are proud to be a member of Two Sides. Two sides have a huge amount of fantastic information regarding all things paper and sustainability and we would really recommend visiting their website and reading the common myths around paper.

We can provide both FSC and PEFC paper for our customers, we are commonly asked: What does FSC mean?

Through continuous investments in more efficient machinery and practices we are very proud of our low levels of wastage and are continuously looking to improve this further.

We would really recommend coming to visit us so see our plant for yourselves or ask any questions via your Key Account Manager or our Helpdesk HERE


Our second biggest raw material is our aluminium printing plates which are 100% recyclable after use.


An area of growing concern for many of our customers we have provided a whole article on our plastic packaging here 


Fifteen years ago as much as 25% of our waste material ended up a Landfill site but now, through investment in new technology, education and training and waste segregation less than 0.05% of our waste is landfilled! So now, rather than a hindrance and yet another cost to the business, most waste streams are viewed as a source of extra income.

  • Collection facilities are available in all offices and work areas promoting greater segregation of Recyclable materials.
  • The overall aim is to reduce our waste to zero and as at the end of 2015 99.6% of Warner’s generated waste was sent for re-use, recycling or recovery

Since our early days as a magazine and brochure printing business, we've taken our responsibilities to the environment incredibly seriously and are proud of our achievements.

In the mid 1980’s, before it was even law to do so, we introduced abatement systems to our web offset printing processes thus ensuring that waste gas emissions to atmosphere were kept to an absolute minimum.

Since then, the environmental policy measures we have put in place to protect both the atmosphere and the local community have won us awards and allowed us to be certified from leading environmental bodies.


We are ISO 14001 Certified

Since 2006 we have reduced our energy consumption on the older part of the site by 35%
Eliminating the use of the solvent laden IPA (alcohol) on printing presses.
In 2012 the organisation produced nearly 7000 tonnes of waste, the bulk of which was paper off cuts but of that total, 98.3% was either re-used or recycled!
Our customers can be assured that we are not resting on our laurels and are constantly keeping abreast of new developments that affect areas such as waste management, recycling and pollution.

View our full environmental policy.