Sheetfed Printing

It often surprises people that as a web printer, we also offer sheetfed printing in-house! Our printing facility boasts a mixture of Web and Sheetfed machinery, giving our customers total flexibility in however they want to produce their printed product. We use 10-unit perfecting sheetfed presses with variable cut-offs. The Cutstar technology means we can use paper reels to help save our customers money and minimise waste at our plant.

Our printing presses all have closed-loop colour, ensuring the highest quality and consistency throughout the print run. Our sheetfed presses are ideal for covers and can produce fantastic results on paper weights up to 350gsm! We can also add unique 5th colours in line, and a UV gloss or matt finish to the cover of your magazine, catalogue or brochure!

Did you also know that we can offer web printing from as low as 3,000 copies?

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Our Plant List

KBA 106 – 10 unit perfector with Mabeg in-line reel sheeter

What Do We Mean By Sheetfed Printing?

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