Warners Insert Policy

The following information is to be used to ensure safe receipt of goods at Warners as well as providing
efficient production and protecting the environment from over packaging. Should you not be able to meet any of the requirements listed below, please contact your Key Account Manager prior to production to agree a new procedure for receipt of goods.


1) All deliveries must be accompanied by a full delivery advice note detailing Insert Title, Magazine Title/Issue/Date that it is being inserted into, quantity and number of pallets.

Deliveries to be made to:
Warners (Midlands) PLC
The Maltings
Manor Lane
PE10 9PH

2) Each face of each pallet/box must have a label detailing Insert Title, Magazine Title/Issue/Date that it is being inserted into and the quantity.

3) All deliveries of inserts must be no less than two days prior to the binding of the publication and must be delivered between the hours of 08.00 and 16.00, Monday to Friday.

4) All pallets should be wrapped with corner pieces in place to provide stability and weather protection and limit any damage during transit. When inserts are delivered which are damaged or are not supplied to our specifications, we reserve the right to refuse delivery or charge extra costs for the additional handling required.

5) Inserts should be stacked in large bundle quantities with the minimum turns as follows:  Under 8 pages = no turns, 8-12 pages = turns of 500, 16 + pages = turns of 100

6) Tip-on’s / CD’s should be boxed, uniformly orientated, and have dividers between layers.

7) Inserts in cartons must be unbanded and not turned within the box

8) Inserts must be packed flat with tight folds, no distortions or any curled edges. An additional handling charge may be applied if inserts have to be repacked to make them acceptable for production.

9) It is the responsibility of each publisher to ensure that inserts are delivered on time. Our system will only allow us to chase WHEN THE INSERTS ARE REQUIRED.


10) We do not check quantities supplied for every insert. We cannot be held accountable for shortages. We will assume that the quantities detailed on delivery notes/boxes/pallets are correct but this may not always be the case.

11) Please note that any booklets/supplements (anything over 16 pages A4 or A5) will be charged at a higher insertion rate due to the adverse effect they have on machine speed.

12) Any inserts that are not machine feedable (e.g. irregular shape/landscape/concertina fold etc.) will be charged at a hand insertion rate and are likely to require additional production time.

13) It is recommended that you supply a quantity of overs to allow for machine set up. If you supply only the exact quantity required, we cannot be held accountable for shortages. Inserts that do not conform to the above specifications may be rejected if not suitable for mechanical insertion.

Insert Specifications

Loose Insert/Bound & Stitched in Insert Specifications

The following specification applies to loose inserts which are inserted by machine into A4 magazines.
• Maximum size 200mm wide x 295mm deep
• Minimum size 105mm wide x 148mm deep
• Minimum weight of paper Single leaf: 90gsm
Four pages: 80gsm
Eight pages:65gsm
NOTE: Folded inserts must have a closed edge if they are to be machine fed, if unsure please supply a sample.


We require you to complete an insert notification sheet – detailing the information required not only for inserting but to advise us what you want us to do with any insert overs;

a) If you opt for “disposal” (preferred option) as we are now ISO 14001 accredited, we will ensure that the inserts are disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

b) If you state holdovers for “future” issue/s – please ensure that you indicate what those issue/s will be, we cannot hold them indefinitely. No more than 3 months supply of inserts should be delivered at one time. An agreement to store additional supplies must be made with your customer support before delivering further issues. Please note a storage charge may be applied.

c) We will happily return any balances to you directly – but please note that there will be an overnight delivery charge applied for this function.
Please note – if no information is provided regarding balances of inserts we will assume that disposal is accepted and this will take place immediately after production is complete.



Please email all details, including the Insert Title, Magazine Title/Issue/Date that it is being inserted into, the quantity and number of pallets to KeyAccountManagers@warners.co.uk or call 01778 391000 and ask for Customer Services