Plastic Packaging

We regularly get asked about the plastic wrap that we use to mail out for our customers. With the massive increase in public awareness regarding single use packaging we have seen a tremendous increase in the number of customer or other party enquiries regarding our use of film. Rather than go through naked mailing and other methods of sealing each printed product for delivery we have produced a short pro and con list for the two types of plastic film that we use.

At this moment in time we can only produce the two options, Polywrap and biodegradable wrap.



  • It is biodegradable as it is made out of potato starch
  • Still securely holds your magazine or product including the inserts
  • Runs well on our mailing lines


  • It is more expensive than the conventional polywrap
  • It is not fully transparent its rather cloudy
  • Cannot be recycled

Conventional Polywrap


  • Cheapest and most cost effective method
  • Ideal for the task of protecting printed matter without incurring additional postage costs
  • Can be branded and stored for customers
  • Can be recycled


  • It is not likely to biodegrade to a suitable extent for a very long time
  • It is dependent on local councils as to whether they will accept the film at curb side

We are always looking into alternatives and ways that our production offering can be improved. We are continuously evaluating our business practices and work to both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.