PUR Binding

Not only do we offer Saddle Stitching and Perfect Binding we also offer PUR Binding.

This particular style of binding is very well suited to large pagination publications such as catalogues and brochures. Though similar to perfect bound jobs a PUR bound publication can hold far more pages. A list of key facts about PUR  bound jobs can be found at the bottom of the page.

We have also prepared this video which can help describe the process of PUR binding and how it differs to perfect binding. we hope that this proves useful and can help you decide which binding style suits your product.

Some Key PUR Binding Facts

  • PIt has many similarities with Perfect Binding
  • PThis binding is air cured rather than hotmelt glue
  • PHas a spine like Perfect binding
  • PWonderfully suited to large pagination products such as catalogues
  • PVery suited to heavy papers
  • PVery strong bind!

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