What do we mean when we say Offset Litho?

Here at Warners we describe ourselves as offset litho printers and you probably would have either heard the term before or seen it mentioned on our website. Like many industries we have our own vocabulary of terms or processes that for us are second nature but are often confusing for people new to the industry to understand. Offset litho is the technical term for the method of printing that we employ to produce your magazine, catalogue or brochure.

To help explain the process in a simple and easy to digest way we have produced this short video with a much younger (and fresher faced) Michael Warner.

 Hopefully this has helped to better explain what printers like us mean when we say we use “Offset Litho”. If you would like to talk to us about your individual printing requirements our customer services team are ready to assist you. You can contact your Key Account Manager, visit our Contact Us page or email us directly at helpdesk@warners.co.uk

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