6 Paper Myths Busted

Oct 5, 2023 | All, Paper

This morning we had a nice surprise through the post. Two Sides have sent us a superb mini mag brimming with amazing facts and myths about paper and the industry. We simply had to share them!

 The 6 busted myths are:

  1.  MYTH: 59% of people asked believed that European forests are shrinking.
    • Fact:European forests have been growing by 1500 football pitches everyday
    • Fact:These forests supply 90% of the wood used by the European paper industry
  2. MYTH: 53% of people asked believed that electronic communication is better for the environment.
    • Fact:The ICT industry accounts for 2.5-3% of global GHG emissions and this is predicted to rise to 14% in 2040
    • Fact:Phones accounted for 435000 tonnes of e-waste in 2016.
  3. MYTH: 33% of people asked believed that paper is a wasteful product.
    • Fact:72.3% of paper is recycled in Europe close to the practical maximum of 78%
    • Fact:In Europe paper fibres are reused 3.6 times on average 
  4. MYTH: 63% of people asked believed that only recycled paper should be used.
    • Fact:because fibre degrades over time, virgin fibre is essential to European paper production
    • Fact:53% of the fibre used by the European paper industry comes from paper for recycling
  5. MYTH: 53% of people asked believed that paper production uses an excessive amount of water.
    • Fact:Most paper production takes place in locations with low water stress
    • Fact:93% of the water is returned to the environment after treatment.
  6. MYTH: 25% of people asked believed that paper production is a major cause of global GHG emissions.
    • Fact:The pulp and paper industry is the biggest single industrial user and producer of renewable energy in the EU
    • Fact:The industries CO2 emissions reduced by 25% between 2005 and 2017.

We hope you found these facts as interesting and as thought provoking as we did! If you would like to know more why not visit the Two Sides website here www.twosides.info 

Or if you would like to read about all of our environmental printing practices please feel free to visit our environmental page: www.warners.co.uk/environment/ As a family run printer of magazines, catalogues and brochures we take our responsibilities very seriously and are proud to also be members of Two Sides and the printer of Green Solutions